Hi, My name is Nikki, Owner of Sugar Boutique. Since 2016 I've been selling luxury handbags to businesses. Recently, I have started selling luxury handbags to individual consumers.

I sell handbags that would be in a landfill right now if it weren't for people like you. People who are budget and socially conscious. People who want to own finely crafted luxury items that need a new home. In this way, you save money and we both contribute to lessening the habit of over consumption. 

"In 2018 H&M disclosed it had accumulated $4.3 billion of unsold inventory. It's stockpiles remain roughly at the same level. A Swedish power plant abandoned coal as a source of fuel, instead burning mountains of discarded clothing from H&M."

The Global Glut of Clothing Is an Environmental Crisis by Rachael Dottle & Jackie Gu

This excerpt demonstrates a moment of ingenuity in which two parties were able to solve each other's problem in an eco-friendly way. Thus, keeping clothing out of landfills and burning something cleaner than coal. It's not a complete eco-friendly fix, but it is a step in the right direction. We don't have to stop buying, but we do need to be smarter about how we purchase and what we purchase. Let's contribute to lessening over consumption together.